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Wildlife News

September 19 redstart

Summer has seen many bird species visit to entertain us during our wanderings, several you wouldn’t normally expect to find here ~ most recently a pair of oystercatchers next to the 18th lake and then a pair of common terns on the same lake.

One bird really did surprise me because it shouldn’t have been where it was.  I was about to tee off on the 12th and a small bird was flitting around the bottom of the hedge. On closer inspection, it turned out to be a magnificent male Redstart in full breeding plumage. These birds usually breed in ancient woodland in the west of our country although a few pairs make their home on Cannock Chase. At summers end they migrate great distances to warmer climes in Africa.

Kingfishers too have been showing well, often seen perching on low branches over the pool to the left of the 10th tee. Do have a look if your shot ends up in the trees on that hole. Finally talking about fishing birds the cormorant seems to be keen on catching the remaining fish in the fountain pond (18th). Once it has eaten them all I’m sure it will move on.