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October 2019 male aqua

Charity Aquathon

As part of the Clubs charity fundraising for Prostate Cancer Uk we are holding an all male aquathon on 24th November (2pm-4pm).

Traditionally men do not take part in aqua classes so we thought it was time to put them through their paces and show them how tough it is to work out against the water.

Tickets are just £5 and all proceeds go to the charity and you can even throw some money in the bucket to come and watch the event on poolside.

Whether you ‘donate to spectate’ or ‘man up’ and get in the pool places are limited so please sign up as soon as you can for this amazing cause.

Contact Jordanna Hemingway, Studio Co-ordinator, [email protected] for more details.


Gym Challenge

Last month – we concentrated on the upper back muscles – TRAPEZIUS, LEVATOR SCAPULA, RHOMBOIDS MAJOR & MINOR, LATISSIMUS DORSI  and our gym challenge was to see how many pull ups you could achieve with half your body weight in 1 minute!

Congratulations to Nick Kyriakou who completed 32 pull ups  in the minute.

This months challenge follows Eliud Kipchoges amazing sub 2 hour marathon accomplishment –

How many minutes can you run at a chosen speed – beginner level is at level 8 up to Kipchoges speed of level 21! (safety/health checks will take place before you start and the Wellness team will be monitoring your attempt throughout). We have a number of long distance runners at the Club so it will be interesting to see how long they manage on the treadmill at their own pace.

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