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October 19 millers v fridaymen1

The Fridaymen v The Millermen

This annual event was conceived in 2010 by Bob Perry (Millermen) and Stef Roberts (Fridaymen) to, in part, replicate the Ryder Cup. The event consists of two teams of 18 playing a ‘Ryder Cup’ format of singles, matchplay and stableford.

Although the Fridaymen won the inaugural event the Millermen have been difficult to beat in the subsequent years -this was the challenge!

On a heavily overcast day The Millermen captained by Geoff Parker and The Fridaymen captained by myself set forth. Most matches were very evenly contested and the day ended as a 4/4 Draw.

Everyone expressed how much they enjoyed the competition and especially the spirit in which the matches were played and looked forward to the event in  2020. The occasion was further advanced by the condition of the course for which we thank the greenkeeping team.

It was also good to see guests Bert Whitehead and Stef Roberts at the festivities after the match (Stef of course was captain of the Millermen for the first few years ).

Finally thanks Geoff Parker who captained The Millermen without whose assistance this event wouldn’t have been the success it was!

Chester Guillot, The Fridaymen

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