A Christmas message from the Wellness team


We see “Let’s just make a new start in January” everywhere! Not just in the gym but with goals, business, work and even our personal lives. You might think “At least we have a plan!” But what happens before the plan starts?

For most of us there will be a work night out, a gym buddy night out, a family party or 2 and probably the usual New Years Eve celebration. That’s going to be a lot of food and drink (and calorie intake) with probably little exercise. Most of us hope in vain that we don’t put on too much weight over the festive period;  but we all know how difficult it is to say no to just one more mince pie or try and convince yourself it’s only a little chocolate that won’t be too bad! Alcohol and festive food doesn’t have to mess up your progress.

If you know you have a night out coming up, get your plans together earlier in the week. Decrease your total calories in advance and get some walks in or extra gym sessions just to get some extra calories burned. If you plan for it, you can work with it and come out the other side with a smile on your face (or slightly less of a wince when you get on the scales!)

Between now and the big day you could still lose body fat, get stronger or build muscle. Don’t ignore December ready to start again in January, attack it and finish this year strong.

Book a review with the Wellness Team in December to put you on the right track and beat the rush of members wanting reviews from 2nd January 2019!

From all of us in the gym, we hope you have a great Christmas and New Year!
Jamie Simmons & The Wellness Team