A New Mom? A Workshop Just For You!

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It’s hectic being a new Mom and after feeding, changing and entertaining a newborn and getting older siblings dressed, breakfasted and off to school you have very little time to think about what food you are throwing in to the trolley on the weekly supermarket dash before the next daily task starts.

Coming to the Club gives you some much needed time to yourself – to relax, regroup, be yourself for just a little while – all of which are vital to coping with daily life. When you do get a little time to yourself you are probably thinking ‘I wish I could get in to shape quicker’ ~ so you run a little faster,  row a little further but you still aren’t getting the results you want on the scales.

Worry no more – we can help!  What you eat is so incredibly important  to your success and with some simple rules you can reach your targets easily.

On Monday 11th March (1pm-3pm) we will be holding a workshop on portions – understanding portion control and understanding how much of what you can eat as well as what you should eat.

The workshop is only for 10 people and is only £10 so book your place with Reception today (and book your little one in the creche too!)

The workshop is hosted by Geraldine Nickless, an NHS professional in Nutrition and Wellness. Geraldine has been running workshops at the Club for a number of months and helped a lot of members realise that small changes can make BIG differences.

What have you got to lose? (except for those unwanted kilos!)