Course news – Winter 2018


We have been spending a lot of time blowing and collecting the leaves on the course to ensure it remains playable.

The greens have started the Winter months really strongly which, after a very challenging Summer spending an awful lot of time and effort keeping them alive, is great news. We will raise the height of cut at the start of December to relieve stress on the plant – don’t think this will make them slower though as I will roll them at least once a week to help keep a good pace.

We will also be undertaking a lot of aeration work on the course over the coming months including:

-Spiking the greens with 9.5mm pencil tines every 2 weeks
-Spiking the tees and approaches with 16mm tines twice during the Winter period
-Spiking/slitting the fairways once

All of this will help the natural drainage on the course and give you all better playing conditions.

Please remember these jobs do take time to complete properly, therefore please be patient if we are working in your area of play – we will of course move as soon as we can.

Finally, as the greens are becoming softer now – could I gently remind you to repair your pitch marks. I have noticed an increase in the past month or so and the damage can be either long lasting or quickly repaired depending on your actions.

Ben Gibson

Course Manager