Words from the Golf Captain

gordon green

Up until now the conditions have been favourable and the course is in exceptional condition for the time of year. Having been off the course for a month I intended to do nine holes as a start back, but the mild weather enticed me to complete a full round, although I suffered the next day as a consequence – but it was enjoyable. We can only hope that any adverse weather will be short lived, but we are in the middle of winter so shouldn’t really complain.

The social scene enjoyed a great evening when celebrating the Scots on Burns Night, the haggis escaped, and we were all disappointed to miss out on the offal, onion and suet enclosed in a sheep’s stomach – I think. But Emma and the catering staff pulled out all the stops to provide us with a delicious meal. The main part of the evening was however dancing to the Ceilidh Band, and what an exhibition it was (in the truest sense). There were times when confusion reigned and the dancing groups appeared straight out of the ‘Ann Widdecombe School of Dancing’, but we were all happy to laugh it off and have a really good night. A great time was enjoyed by all.

The last Captains Day of the term took place on February 14th with the Valentines Day Pairs Competition.

Rule Night with Peter Turner – 20th February. Peter is an England Golf Referee and will no doubt raise our awareness of the new rules of golf and equally how to avoid falling foul of the new rules – not to be missed.

The days are now lengthening, and although we may still have to endure some inclement weather, Spring is around the corner, well almost, so keep in good spirits.

Gordon Green