Your Health Club Update - June

Tuesday 5th July 2022

Well it certainly ended up being a very warm June indeed, with balmy temperatures continuing as we move into July. Whilst the heat and sunshine can be a real demotivator for many of us, it’s really important we try and keep to our usual gym/swim/class routines, so we don’t get out of the habit (habits are hard to make and easy to break!).

Why not join in our 28-day Feel Good Summer Challenge to help you through the next month, prepare you for any holidays and even swap some old, bad habits for good ones?

Someone I spoke to recently said they go home from work every day and grab a bag of crisps out of the cupboard – when I asked why, they said, “I don’t know, it’s just a habit.” This is exactly what the 28-day challenge is about. Little changes to make a big difference. Find out more details below and let the challenge commence!

28-day Feel-Good Summer Challenge

The summer holidays are just around the corner! Do you feel as if they’ve crept up on you yet again!? If so, why not try our 28 Day Challenge to help you feel that little bit more confident when you hit the beach? Just a few minor adjustments to training and diet will go a long way and have you feeling more energised in no time, and ready to enjoy that summer holiday!

Challenge 1 - Nutrition

Choose to give up or remove all the following foods from your diet, or pick four from the list below:

  1. Bread
  2. Chocolate/Cakes/Biscuits
  3. Wine
  4. Beer
  5. Crisps
  6. Chips
  7. Fizzy Drinks

Challenge 2 - Activity

Complete a minimum of two activities in the following list weekly, or add to your current activity:

  1. One class per week
  2. 30-minute strength workout
  3. 5k run/walk
  4. 7k run/walk
  5. HIIT workout
  6. 250m swim

Register for free in the gym, after which the Wellness Team will take your biometrics such as weight, body fat % and muscle %. All these are important as it's always good to know where you started. Let’s get ready for summer together!

Gym News

Keep your eyes peeled for our new pop-up gym floor classes over the next 28 days! These could be anything from HIIT, stretch, meditation, Pilates or group cycle. These classes provide a quick 20-minute workout to give you that feel-good factor.

We have a new Personal Trainer and wellness coach on the gym floor - Joel. Joel has been settling into club life and is now ready to start really helping you to reach your goals – ask about his PT sessions next time you come in.

Raffle winner

Thank you to everyone who bought raffle tickets to try and win a dedicated parking spot for six months. The draw was made on 31st May and the winner is… Steve Duckhouse! Congratulations Steve, I hope you are looking forward to your very own spot in the car park.

For anyone who missed out, the Captains should be running another raffle later in the year for another six-month spot so keep your eyes peeled for details.

Why am I not losing weight?

When you’re working hard in the gym but your weight won’t budge, it can be incredibly frustrating! If you are exercising regularly in the gym but the weight won't come down, there are three questions you can ask yourself.

Are you really in a calorie deficit?

To lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit consistently over time. Essentially, burn more calories than you’re consuming over a long enough period, and you will lose weight. Exercise burns calories so it must automatically lead to weight loss, right? Not always! You must still be maintaining that all-important deficit in your energy balance. This is why tracking your meals in a food diary and monitoring your daily activity levels with step count can be useful tools to highlight any areas which might be holding you back.

Are you moving less outside the gym?

A big driver of weight loss is NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis). It is the energy expended in any activity that does not include formal exercise like walking the dog, playing with the kids, washing the car etc. Your NEAT can account for anything up to 50% of your daily energy expenditure if you’re active throughout the day.

Studies show that when people start an exercise programme, their NEAT can drop which will lower energy expenditure and wipe out your calorie deficit. This is why we recommend aiming for a minimum of 10,000 steps per day consistently to keep your NEAT high. You can track this simply with a pedometer, fitness watch or smartphone app to monitor your steps day to day.

Are you eating more without knowing?

Most people will overestimate their calorie burn from exercise, whilst also underestimating the amount of calories they eat day to day. It’s common for people to think that if they are exercising and burning more calories, they should be able to eat more or treat themselves. But the extra calories can often outstrip the extra calories burned. Slight increases in hunger may mean an extra biscuit here and there, or a slightly larger portion at the dinner table. Again, extra calories add up and will reduce your weight loss attempts. This is why we advise people to track their food intake. Whether that’s logging your calories or monitoring portion sizes, being completely honest about your calorie intake will prevent overeating.

Takeaway (and not the Chinese or Indian kind!)

Exercise is a very important part of your fitness and weight loss journey. But it’s not the magic formula for weight loss on its own. Combining effective diet and training strategies together is going to be the most effective and sustainable way of losing the weight you want.

Member of the Month

A huge well done to Peter Baroth who is our Member of the Month. Peter joined the club six months ago with a goal of getting fitter and losing weight. “Since joining I have lost two stone and feel more energised and confident about myself. I have been having weekly personal training sessions with Nicola who provided me with an excellent framework - all I had to do was turn up motivated.” He’s an inspiration to us all - well done, Peter!

Kids’ Classes

Get your little one into golf this summer with our junior golf classes at the brand-new Strike Shack! Classes are Monday and Thursday Evening and Sunday Mornings with our two Golf Professionals, Mike and Ian.

Studio News

Our Friday morning classes have had a bit of a boost! Take a look at our new offering:

  • 9.15 - 10.00am - Boxercise (Studio 1), Group Cycle (Spin Studio)
  • 9.30 - 10.15am - Pilates (Studio 2)
  • 10.10 - 10.55am - Body Pump (Studio 1)
  • 10.15 - 11.00am - Aqua
  • 10.20 - 11.05am - Yoga (Studio 2)
  • 10.20 - 11.05am - Group Cycle (Spin Studio)

Crèche News

The summer holidays are just around the corner and we have so much planned to keep little ones of all ages entertained – including a festival day with live music and inflatable assault courses. Two unicorns will be visiting one afternoon to give carriage rides, and there will be plenty of chances to groom the very special multicoloured mane! Booking for all summer activities can be done at reception.

Swimming News

As we get close to the end of the current swim term, we will be sending out renewals for the September term. If your children are currently swimming with us it would appreciated if you can renew as soon as possible (or let us know if you don’t need the space) so we can make adjustments to classes and hopefully offer more children places.

Party Time

Our Zumba and cocktail night has been moved due to so many people going on holiday this month. This will now take place in August so keep your eyes peeled for the new date.

On 5th August the Party Popperz will be here for a night of music and entertainment – tickets will be on sale very soon – unless you have been to a Party Popperz night before you will never have seen Freddie Mercury, Prince or George Michael like this – not to be missed!

You Asked, We Acted

  • Class changes – following feedback on the way we communicate class changes, we have reviewed this and altered our process so hopefully everyone will be in the know sooner, so plans can be made more effectively.
  • Crèche availability – after monitoring recent feedback about space in the crèche we are busy recruiting more crèche assistants so we can welcome more children to the Zoo.
  • You asked for pizza to be put back on the menu – enjoy!

Tips to become a better runner

Whether it’s a quick sprint on the treadmill or a leisurely long-distance trail run, running is one of the most popular forms of cardio - and it’s easy to see why.

Why we love to run

Requiring no equipment or special skills, running is one of the easiest and most convenient forms of exercise accessible to a wide variety of people, demonstrated by training plans such as the NHS’ Couch to 5k.

It’s no wonder there are so many advocates for running – it’s a fantastic way to burn calories, improve your cardiovascular health, lower your blood pressure and reduce your body mass percentage.

However, as a high impact exercise overtraining can lead to injury and burnout, which is why a balanced approach can be the answer to faster, more efficient and pain-free running.

For best results, mix it up

If you want to see the best results from your running, build a fitness regime that encompasses other forms of exercise to complement your progress on the pavements.

So many different muscle groups are at work when you run that it’s important to strengthen them to make you more efficient when you do take to the treadmill.

Muscles to target


Continue to strengthen the muscles in your legs even when you’re not running by focusing on bodyweight exercises such as squats, lunges, calf raises and knee curls.


Strength training can be a great way to complement your running, as the focus on squats, deadlifts and other powerful moves will activate your glutes and make you a more effective runner over time. Bodyweight exercises such as clam shells, glute bridges and donkey kicks will also help to achieve this.


A strong core will elevate your running progress, as it allows the pelvis, hips and lower back to work together more smoothly and expend less energy. All forms of plank exercises can help with this, as well as ab crunches, ab bicycles and press ups. Incorporating Pilates into your fitness regimen can be a great way to strengthen your core with a low impact workout.

Shoulders & Arms

Strong shoulder muscles can reduce your risk of injury and make you a more efficient runner. Free weights such as dumb bells are a great way to build shoulder muscle with moves that target the back, shoulders, biceps and triceps.

How to support your running in the gym

Here’s a quick regime you can try in the gym focusing on building strong muscles for running. If in doubt, always consult a member of the Wellness Team before embarking on a new workout.