Exercise of the Month: Deadlift

Aug 29, 2017 12:141 year ago

Deadlift refers to the lifting of "dead weight", such as weights lying on the ground. It is one of the few standard weight training exercises in which all repetitions begin with dead weight.

The deadlift is one of the three main powerlifting exercises, along with the squat and bench press. The muscle groups used are extensive and include your gluteus maximus, hamstrings, adductors, lower legs and back.

To perform the deadlift:

Grasp a bar using an overhand grip (palms facing down).

Stand with your torso straight and your legs spaced using a shoulder width or narrower stance. The knees should be slightly bent. This is your starting position.

Keeping the knees stationary, lower the barbell to over the top of your feet by bending at the waist while keeping your back straight. Keep moving forward as if you were going to pick something from the floor. Inhale as you perform this movement.

Bring your torso up straight again by extending your hips until you are back at the starting position. Exhale as you perform this movement.

Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions (speak to a Wellness Advisor to find out the ideal number of recommendations for you).


Caution: This is not an exercise that is recommended for people with lower back problems. It needs to be treated with the utmost respect, paying special attention not to round the back forward as you move the torso down. The back should always be straight. Finally, jerking motions or doing too much weight can injure your back.

Variations: The exercise can also be performed with a dumbbell or kettlebells.