Golf Tip of the Month: Check your Tee Height

Oct 30, 2017 10:381 year ago

When you practise your drive it's key to make sure you're using the correct tee height for your driver.

If the tee is too high it will put too much of the golf ball above the top of your clubhead, resulting in drives that are too high, losing distance and with no roll on the ball when it lands.

If the tee is too low it will not show enough of the ball above the clubhead. This will mean you hit the ball from the bottom half of the clubface, resulting in a ball flight which is too low and makes you lose distance.

For the optimum flight height, distance and roll make sure your driver tee height shows half of the golf ball above the top of your clubhead. When striking up on the ball this will ensure the ball is hit from the sweet spot.