Stretch of the Month: Open Book Stretch

Mar 27, 2018 13:477 months ago

This is a great stretch for the mid-back. So, if you regularly feel tension or stiffness around your back, rib cage or abdomen, try this out.

1.     Lie down on your side with your knees and hips at 90 degrees. Lay your arms horizontally in front of you, one on top of the other. If it makes you more comfortable, have a pillow under your head.

2.     Slowly open your top arm across your body, allowing your shoulder and rib cage to follow this movement so your arms are at a 120 degree angle.

3.     Once you have reached the limit where your knee wants to come off or you find your back leaning, stop and hold this position for a couple of seconds.

Repeat this on both sides for 2-3 sets.