Golf tip of the month: Pitch Perfect

Apr 24, 2018 11:216 months ago

All shots are important in your golf game, but none more than a pitch shot.

On the USPGA tour, the best player tee to green average is 13 greens per round. Therefore, even the best players miss 5 greens per game. That means he will have 5 pitches, bunker shots or chips per game.

When it comes to amateur players, your average 16 handicapper averages 4 greens in regulation, therefore has 14 pitches, bunker shots or chips per game.

If you’re playing off 20 or more, you will hardly ever hit any greens in regulation, so you need to be good at your short game – bunker play, chipping but most importantly PITCHING.

The main points of a good pitch shot are…

Set up:
Left foot turned out towards the target by 45 degrees
Weight 70% on your left side

(The above guidelines are for right handers; reverse the hands if you are left handed)

Grip down the shaft a little
Stand tall with good posture
Let your arms hang off your shoulders like curtains hanging from a rail

You should always have a SHORTER backswing and LONGER follow through
Feel like you hit down and through, it’s the club’s loft that hits the ball up into the air.

Tension is the invisible killer of the golf swing! So take a small breath in and HUM throughout the swing until you complete your finish.

You will find that you can do this fairly easily with your practice swing, but may find that with a ball you will either stop humming as you hit the ball or the pitch of the hum will rise considerably.

Keep practising until you can hum evenly through all your swings, including with a ball. Once achieved you will hit some of the greatest pitches of your life.

REMEMBER-  improvement is rarely immediate, so keep practising until the method becomes unconscious, in the same way that you can drive your car without any thought.