Wildlife News

July 2019 canada goose

There is a magnificent display of orchids on the course. The raft of these rare and beautiful plants, in the rough on the right of the fairway on the 6th, are the best for many years and there were some excellent specimens on the 3rd. Hopefully they will all seed and provide even better displays next year.

All around the course young birds have been in evidence either in the shape of large crows demanding food on the ground or tits making their quiet contact calls in the trees.

Some, unfortunately, provide food for others and a pair of sparrowhawks are often seen with a small bird in their talons heading back to feed their young.

There have been a few unusual birds too. Oyster catchers on the 18th, common terns were looking for a food stop on the lake between the 18th and 10th holes and a cormorant often circles looking for a fishy meal in the lakes.

Although not everybody’s favourite, it’s fascinating to see the geese assign their goslings to two females to look after them and the youngsters are growing fast as of course are the cygnets on the 4th.

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